My Grandmother’s Cookware

I cook using old pots. Very old, ancient pots. I understand that plenty of people have a cast iron skillet or two that have been handed down, but I have a whole set of antique pots with matching glass lids.

My grandmother received a full set of Guardian Service waterless cookware for her first wedding to my grandfather’s best friend. My grandfather met his best friend when they were both in the Air Force in WWII. The best friend was a pilot and my grandfather was his navigator. When the war was over, they returned to their respective fiancees and got married like so many other returning soldiers. The two couples kept in touch and attended many bombardier group reunions. In the 1980s, my biological grandmother and my grandfather’s best friend both passed away. Through the late 1980s and early 1990s, my grandfather and his best friend’s widow continued to get together and attend their events.
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Baked Mac and Cheese with Butternut Squash, Sage, Carmelized Onions, and Red Sweet Paprika Peppers


Inaugural Post!  Wow… that is certainly a rough start.  I’m going to attempt to post twice a week.  One post will be a recipe and the other post will be about something food-ish.  We’ll explore the parameters of food-ish as we go, but I certainly hope that it’s enjoyable.  Suggestions of Foodish Topics are always welcome, as are new banner images (That’s me cooking with the oversight of my cats, in Knoxville.  Yay MS Paint!).

So, enough dallying, let’s get going with some great Mac and Cheese! I made this yesterday, before I planned to restart this blog. Future pictures shouldn’t look like they’re from my cellphone.

Click here for the recipe!

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Gexx Cooks: Knoxville Style! – An Introduction


This post is a placeholder, an experiment, and an introduction.

My name is Gexx, I’m a South Knox resident who enjoys cooking. I also am very interested in local foods. One big reason for my locavore tendancies is simply that local foods create a smaller carbon footprint. Therefore, this blog will be used to share recipes. But not any recipes – they will follow a few rules.

Criteria for recipes that I post:

1) They will feature atleast one ingredient grown/raised/minimally processed within 100 miles

100 Mile Radius from Knoxville, TN

100 Mile Radius from Knoxville, TN

2) A conscious effort will be made to secure all ingredients from the most responsible sources.

3) They will include a picture. I tend to forget to take pictures until after I eat. Which doesn’t really help.

4) Someone else will also try it and give his or her approval before I unleash it upon the reading public (if available).

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