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Technical difficulties

So close to regular posting! Yet… SO FAR! This week my computer, being the benificent, sentiant being that it can be, has decided the its harddrive must be rejected. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Until then, I shall do what I can from my phone.

I was hoping it would at least wait till I was getting some ad revenue.


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Spicy, Chipotle Pozole


NOTE: Because my hardrive died, you’re stuck w a cell phone photo.

So there’s this place here in Knoxville called Senor Taco. If you haven’t been there before, you should check it out. My friend Elo and I have been going there regularly (at least once a week) for three years now for their margaritas. Don’t let the Tuscan Countryside wallpaper-murals fool you, this place is Mexican through and through. Of course they have the typical quesadillas, tacos, and chili rellenos, but they also have some more authentic Mexican food involving tongue, whole fish, and stomach. Unfortunately, menudo (chili and cow stomach soup) and pozole (pork and hominy stew) are only served on the weekends, not always compatible for my craving of this rich, spicy soup with blossoms of hominy and chunks of fatty pork.

Oh, well, I guess I just need to make my own, don’t I? This soup is great for a chilly afternoon, and your kitchen will smell DELICIOUS!

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Easy Fridge Kimchi

Other vegetables my CSA subscription box had WAY TOO MUCH OF were bok choy, napa cabbage, and daikon radish. And what do you do with them? I’m sure there’s plenty to do, but I was lacking in ideas. And then I found some kimchi recipes, tried some out, and ended up doing the following with ALL OF IT! I mix it with hot brown rice, toss it on the side of the plate when I cook up some veggies and an egg, and eat it out of the jar. Also, I just saw this recipe, which I want to try out soon. It’s a rather free-form recipe, as it’s supposed to just be made with what you have on hand

Click here to make Kimchi

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Want some fresh bread? Just Challah!

Back in high school I got into a bread-making phase. It didn’t last too long because my family couldn’t quite decide what type they liked and then my mother just discouraged it because we weren’t too eat so many carbs.

Well, I say poo on that! This bread is perfect for the winter, especially for the holiday season. It’s super easy to make, super rich, and super versatile! The dough can be frozen (just let it thaw for the afternoon before assembling loaf and allowing to rise again). The shiny crust (from the egg wash) makes this a gorgeous addition to any dinner table. Also, Challah bread, like the original recipe author stated, makes some of the best french toast ever!
Check out my Challah!


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Baked Mac and Cheese with Butternut Squash, Sage, Carmelized Onions, and Red Sweet Paprika Peppers


Inaugural Post!  Wow… that is certainly a rough start.  I’m going to attempt to post twice a week.  One post will be a recipe and the other post will be about something food-ish.  We’ll explore the parameters of food-ish as we go, but I certainly hope that it’s enjoyable.  Suggestions of Foodish Topics are always welcome, as are new banner images (That’s me cooking with the oversight of my cats, in Knoxville.  Yay MS Paint!).

So, enough dallying, let’s get going with some great Mac and Cheese! I made this yesterday, before I planned to restart this blog. Future pictures shouldn’t look like they’re from my cellphone.

Click here for the recipe!

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