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Easy Fridge Kimchi

Other vegetables my CSA subscription box had WAY TOO MUCH OF were bok choy, napa cabbage, and daikon radish. And what do you do with them? I’m sure there’s plenty to do, but I was lacking in ideas. And then I found some kimchi recipes, tried some out, and ended up doing the following with ALL OF IT! I mix it with hot brown rice, toss it on the side of the plate when I cook up some veggies and an egg, and eat it out of the jar. Also, I just saw this recipe, which I want to try out soon. It’s a rather free-form recipe, as it’s supposed to just be made with what you have on hand

Click here to make Kimchi


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Preserving squash for the winter

I figure that until I get a good set of posts up, I can probably post three times a week. The third post each week will concern preserving the bounty of your garden or farmers market. This past summer I bought a CSA subscription (Community Supported Agriculture) so every week I would return home with a literal box of produce, and every week I had squash. Patty pan, zucchini, and crookneck flooded my kitchen earlier in the summer. Acorn and butternut are currently filling my shelves.
a story and storage techniques

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