Gexx Cooks: Knoxville Style! – An Introduction


This post is a placeholder, an experiment, and an introduction.

My name is Gexx, I’m a South Knox resident who enjoys cooking. I also am very interested in local foods. One big reason for my locavore tendancies is simply that local foods create a smaller carbon footprint. Therefore, this blog will be used to share recipes. But not any recipes – they will follow a few rules.

Criteria for recipes that I post:

1) They will feature atleast one ingredient grown/raised/minimally processed within 100 miles

100 Mile Radius from Knoxville, TN

100 Mile Radius from Knoxville, TN

2) A conscious effort will be made to secure all ingredients from the most responsible sources.

3) They will include a picture. I tend to forget to take pictures until after I eat. Which doesn’t really help.

4) Someone else will also try it and give his or her approval before I unleash it upon the reading public (if available).


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